Thornton Tree Removal Process


Most homeowners in Thornton CO know very little about the tree removal process, therefore, don’t take appropriate steps for the removal of unwanted trees. Apart from being dangerous, this can violate local state/city codes and ordinances, which are in place, for tree removal. This is where we can help! We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured tree removal company in Thornton CO, that can remove unhealthy trees, branches, stump grinding, and more.

The Process for Removing Trees

It’s not as simple as tearing down some limbs and sawing away at the trunk; when it comes to the removal of unwanted trees, it’s important to abide by the proper rules and tree removal process. Step one is never removing a tree if it is unwarranted. If it is in the way, doesn’t look good, or is unwanted (for reasons which aren’t appropriate), we’ll discuss other remedies with you. However, we can’t just chop down a tree if it isn’t causing damage or isn’t unhealthy, and hindering other trees in your yard.

Once it is determined when can remove the tree, we will

  • Estimate the tree height and survey the surrounding area to ensure it is safe to cut the tree down
  • If not, we’ll utilize the proper equipment to take the tree down in pieces
    Cutters will judge the lean of the tree, direction, weight, and look for defects in the trunk

Doing all of these steps helps us determine if it is safe to remove the tree, and how to bring it down, especially if it is an older/heavier and taller tree.

Section Removal of Unwanted Trees

In some cases, the tree removal process isn’t as simple as measuring and chopping. In those cases, we’ll have to utilize climbing and chopping tactics. Utilizing a crane is a good way to help us reach the tallest height and remove limbs, branches, and loose foliage. This prevents debris from falling and causing havoc down below. Using a cable cutter, the tree cutter applies tension to the specific area of the tree where they’ll begin cutting, to stabilize it. From there, we’ll move down into the next section, based upon weight/height, and lean.

It’s not as simple as it might look from the outside looking in. If we don’t take appropriate measures in the tree removal process, and removal of unwanted trees, it can do far more harm than good to your yard, and possibly cause damage to the home. If you want us to begin the process, we can do so by coming to your home to assess the tree. This is the first step, and gives us a better indication as to how we’ll go about removing the tree outside of your home in Thornton CO.

Allow us to visit your home today to assess your yard. Call us to schedule your free service quote, to learn about the tree removal process, the steps we take in removing unwanted trees, and the safety precautions we put in place, to ensure your home (and family) are safe throughout the process.

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